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Over time your computer and technology’s performance declines without regular maintenance.  Just as with your car, routine maintenance is critical in insuring peak performance and avoiding major breakdowns.  Your Windows operating system and other installed software also needs to be updated on a regular basis in order to fix ‘bugs’, and to take advantage of the new features.  Additionally these updates increase your security and help protect you from Malware including hackers and viruses.


The Proactive Service Plan is designed to provide network management, information technology, and telecommunications support. This agreement includes regular visits to actively manage your network and peripheral systems, including verifying the regular back-up of critical data and changing back-up media, establishing access criteria, monitoring system security (including users and user passwords), scheduling back-up recovery drills, and verifying active virus protection. These appointments are normally scheduled regularly to provide the necessary structure to manage the network effectively.


The Proactive Service Plan is designed to provide hardware and software service and support for information technology and peripheral systems. This agreement includes regularly scheduled preventative maintenance visits to monitor, maintain, and repair hardware and software issues that arises within the network infrastructure with the expressed purpose of preventing failures and minimize "down time". Through regular system-wide diagnostics, we will identify and replace hardware components that are either failing or performing outside optimal parameters. We remove software clutter that accumulates in workstations that can often lead to instability and data contamination. We evaluate the operating system and peripheral applications running on each system to ensure necessary upgrades and updates are installed when appropriate.


The Service Prepayment Package includes the regular maintenance as described below as well as some ‘break/fix’ hours, depending upon your plan.  Additionally you can pre-purchase supplementary labor time at a discounted rate.  This includes on-site and remote access support.  We offer a 15% discount if you pre-purchase ten (10) hours, and a 20% discount if you pre-purchase twenty (20) hours.  This service can be used by the customer for any regular service and is not bound by a time limit or deadline. This prepayment is for service time only and does not include parts or software.


With the purchase of any service plan you receive free unlimited telephone support!


For small businesses or individuals with less than ten workstations, it is more efficient to contract for a specific number of hours per month to perform scheduled preventative maintenance or network management. This plan also provides more versatility to support computers of varying degrees of fitness or unique configurations, and the above discounts apply.

For small businesses with more than ten workstations or critical network management needs, it is more efficient to contract time for each computer per month to perform scheduled preventative maintenance or network management. This plan is particularly designed for a network with computers of similar fitness and configuration.  Ask the engineers at Tech Geniuses about a customized plan for your business.



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